Cakes by Pat

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  • Chocolate Chip Cake
  • Princess Cake

  • Cake for Adult Woman

  • Oreo Cake

  • Vanilla Avalanche Cake

In Stock Cakes



Oreo Cake                                                                  Small $30.95    Large $38.95

Oreo ice cream, yellow cake, layer of fudge and whipped topping




Chocolate Chip Cake                                                Small $30.95     Large $38.95

Chocolate Chip ice cream, yellow cake, layer of fudge and whipped topping





Vanilla Avalanche Cake                                            Small $32.95    Large $40.95

Vanilla ice cream, chocolate cake, layer of fudge, cookie crunchies, whipped topping, chocolate drizzle and m+m's





Special Order Cakes (At least one week notice)



Banana Split Cake                                                        Small $32.95     Large $42.95

Strawberry and banana ice cream, yellow cake, layer of strawberry puree, whipped topping, strawberry drizzle and cherries


Your choice                                                        Small starting at $33.95 Large starting at $43.95 

Choose one or two flavors of ice cream, choose yellow, chocolate, or no cake, choose layer of strawberry puree or layer of fudge, whipped topping, choose strawberry,chocolate or no drizzle, choose m+m's or no candy


Baby Cakes                                                               $17.95

Mini all ice cream cakes in your favorite flavor



Baby Cakes serve 4-6 people

Small Cakes serve 12-14 people

Large Cakes serve 20-22 people

1/2 Sheet Cakes serve 40-50 people