Birthday Parties

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Bowling Party



Bowling Parties at Ron's are always a great way to celebrate your loved ones special day!  

Your two hour party includes 1 hour and 15 minutes of bowling and 45 minutes of time at the food tables to eat pizza and enjoy ice cream cake and drinks.





$10 per person minimum of 8 people
Ice Cream Cakes

 $30.95-$40.95 depending on size and flavor (must be paid for a week before the party (this serves as your deposit))

$15 for a sheet of 12 slices of cheese, $17 for Pepperoni

$1.50 for individual small cups, $2.25 for large, $7.95 for Pitchers (no refills)




Because we are a food service establishment. Please no outside food or beverage.  

Other amenities are available - please ask!

Birthday Party FAQs

  • Absolutely! However, we do not currently serve alcohol. 


3. Can all my child's aunts, uncles, grandparents come to her party at Ron's?

  • Yes they can come! Just remember however, space is allotted based on the number of bowlers. 


4. How many lanes are reserved for my party?

  • Lanes are reserved one the basis of 1 lane per every 4-6 bowlers


5. Why does Ron or a Ron's staffer go over the rules before my party?

  • Rules are for the safety of the children.  The best way to keep children safe is to have one child bowl at a time. 


6.  Can I bring in outside food and beverages?

  • No.  We provide everything you need for the party.  Have a special request? Just ask!   


7.  What should I bring to the party?

  • You do not have to bring anything! We provide the food, tableware, and fun! Just remind your guests to bring socks or they are available for purchase here!


8. Can I bring in my own themed tableware and balloons?

  • Absolutely! Don't bother buying drink cups because all of our cups are fitted with covers and straws!


9. My child is sick. Can I reschedule my party?

  • We can work together to figure out a new time that works for you! If there is no available time slot that is convenient for you, the cake can be picked up at any time.



10.  Are tips appropriate for the Ron's staff?

  • Tipping our hard-working staff is not required, however if you feel it is warranted - it is very much appreciated!


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