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Brownie Sundae


We will come to you!

Sundae Parties are a great way to enjoy Ron's Gourmet Ice Cream wherever you are!

We can customize your sundae party based on your groups' needs.   


Choose "pre-scooped" sundaes with staffing and we do all the work! We pre-scoop the ice cream at the shop, bring all the ingredients to you, and have our helpful staff make sundaes at your location.  You can pick as many flavors as you like! Minimum of 30 sundaes. 


If you want to have some of the fun - choose pre-scooped without staff.  We pre-scoop and label the ice cream at the shop, bring all the ingredients to you, and your coworkers or friends get to make their own sundaes! This is the most popular option! You can pick as many flavors as you like


Still want to have the best ice cream - but are on a budget? You can purchase 3 gallon tubs of ice cream! Each tub serves approximately 30-40 servings.


Delivery is available! Call Jay at 617.364.5274 to check availability.    

**Delivery requires a minimum purchase and a delivery charge may apply.

Ice Cream Menu

Hyde Park Flavors


Black Raspberry

Black Rasp Chip Yogurt

Butter Pecan

Caramel Fudge Brownie

Cherry Vanilla

Chocolate Chip


Cookie Dough

Coffee Madness

Dutch Chocolate

Frozen Pudding



Irish Coffee

Kahlua Chip

Maple Walnut

Milk Chocolate

Mint Chip

Mocha Almond

Orange Sherbet


Oreo Cake Batter 

Peanut Butter Explosion


Red Raspberry Sorbet

Rum Raisin




Seasonal Flavors Available:

Mango Ice Cream

Lemon Cooler Ice Cream


Watermelon Sherbet